Sunday, January 29, 2012

2011 - The year that was for Rockstarz Foundation

Hello Rockstarz,

As we go full steam ahead into 2012, I'd like to reflect a while on the year that 2012 was for Rockstarz Foundation, particularly the seconds half.

Matriculants 2011
I am happy to tell you that Rockstarz officially has 2 beneficiaries who passed Grade 12 in 2011!! This is a huge feat for the young ladies whose future (in a way) has just began. One wants to study Biochemistry and the other Business Management. Both of them were unfortunately unable to get into University so they will attend forms of bridging courses while we work feverently in the background to secure them bursaries and spaces for next year.I appeal to you to send me information on organisations that may be able to assist to make tertiary education possible for these young ladies (

Gauteng Photoshoot and Home Visits
We had such a wonderful day with 9 of the 11 beneficiaries in Gauteng on weekend in November when we asked them all to avail themselves for the first official Rockstarz photoshoot! It was a beautiful, albeit hot, day of endless posing, lunch and bonding. After the exciting photo session and lunch, we sat around in a circle and chatted and discussed out of school activities for 2012 - the ideas ranged from simple to outlandish and ambitious but completely fun, the best part is that they came from the kids themselves :). We were having so much fun, we could've stayed there the whole weekend, alas, there were home visits to be done for each of them. A couple of tears were shed but there were enough hugs to go around to soothe all our frayed emotions :)
None of this would have been possible without Phumla, my friend and fellow Managing Member, she made several trips carting everybody around in 1 car and was on hand from planning stages to make it all a success.
Oh my, my absolute hero is Sean Conco who stepped up to the plate and truly made the day possible by agreeing to donate his photography skills. He beared the blazing sun and took amazing photos (see accompanying group photo).And to top it all off, he took to the kids like he had known them forever, and I think the feeling was mutual with them :). Thank you Sean, you're a Rockstar!!

Global Edge Technologies
I started work for an organisation with amazing people who run a Casual day capaign once a month throughout the year, when staff are encouraged to dress casully on a Friday and they are encouraged to make donations into a collection box. The purpose of this campaign is to reconcile the donations at the end of the year and make generous contributions to selected charities, which in most cases, are nominated by the staff members themselves. Rockstarz Foundation was blessed to be one of two of the charities chosen to be recipients of GET's Casual Day proceeds! A huge thank you to Lynn, Tammy, the PSAs and all GET staff for their unprecedented generosity, may you all be blessed always and continue to support Rockstarz Foundation.

The Lesley's
This is a special family indeed and for all the support that they have demonstrated and pledged to continue, they deserve a special mention.
I went out to dinner with my lady colleagues one evening and Rockstarz somehow came up in conversation, I ended up animatedly chatting about it and I guess someone was listening, ha ha! Carole went home that evening and shared with her husband Andy, a couple of weeks (or was it days)later, I got the great news that they believed in Rockstarz so much that they would lend their financial support. As usual, people's generosity always leaves me gob-smacked and this was no exception!
Thank you very much to the Lesley's, Rockstarz are the true beneficiaries of your stay in South Africa.

Rockstarz Foundation Cape Town
Rockstarz Cape Town seems to may become a possibility for 2012. If all's fair in the world, God will make it possible for Rockstarz to expand. I will keep you posted on progress on this matter.

Thank you all for reading this blog and for your continued support. As rockstarz continues to grow, your support in building awareness for the initiative becomes crucial so please continue to talk about us to your networks.

2012 has started off with a bang .... but that's for the next blog :)


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