Saturday, August 7, 2010

Belated Thank You's

I believe it's never too late to show appreciation to people who have made a difference in my life so these Thank You's come from a very appreciative place for all the assistance that I have recieved from good people in the setting up of RF.

Naseema - all your work in the registration and legalising of RF right at the beginning.

Thabiso - for taking RF on as our Auditor when all you had was my excitement. And for the first financials this year and the many more to come :).

Jehslo - for the first website, which was simple, professional yet captured all I wanted at the time. Thanks dude!

Simba - for the first financial contribution. I was deliriously excited for days!! You made me believe that there were thousands of people out there willing to lend a hand.

Petra - for the extension of our online footprint :).

RF Team - for all the running around, for your time, for your support, for your financial support and for all the running around still to happen :).

The Principals and Teachers of Masakhane Primary School and Cato Manor High School - for the invaluable contribution in identifying the right beneficiaries for RF and the continued support.

Steven and Pastel - for the finacial contribution and for all the effort that went into the Easter Egg-citement drive for our beneficiaries and their classmates!! The looks on their faces when they saw all those boxes of sweets were priceless.

RF is a work-in-progress kind of project and as long as there are children in need out there, they'll always be a need for your help and assistance so please don't tire and may the Lord bless you all.

for RF

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